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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  February 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> in the news this sunday morning, february 12th, the music world prepares to honor whitney houston at the grammy's tonight after she was found dead in her hotel room yesterday. and searchers in san joaquin county will look again today for more human remains after finding another piece of human skull and bones in a well yesterday. >> good morning. a dense fog advisory has been issued for our north bay valleys. otherwise we have 40s and 50s with clouds this morning. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. this morning music lovers worldwide are mourning the loss of white houston. tonight's grammy celebration will honor her incredible
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talent. she was pronounced dead at 3:55 in the afternoon in her hotel room. she was staying at the upscale beverly hilton where she was scheduled to perform at a pregrammy party last night. according to police the 48-year-old singer was found unresponsive. the cause of her death still under investigation. tmz reportser her body was found in a bathtub. it's possible she drown. so far police have recovered prescription drugs but no illegal drugs from her room. cnn reports a guest staying on the floor above her heard two booms and a loud male voice about 20 minutes before she was pronounced dead. >> when officers arrived in the hotel room on the fourth floor, the fire department and hotel security were already attempting resuscitation measures. there were no obvious signs of any criminal intent at this time, and it's currently being investigated by the beverly hills police detectives. >> houston was dating hip-hop
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artist ray jay. according to ray jay's publicist it was houston's bodyguard who discovered her yesterday afternoon. her ex-husband, bobby brown, learned the news just as he was going on stage to perform in mississippi. he told the audience, quote, i love you whitney. the hardest thing for me to do is to come on this stage. she ruled pop music over two decades and broke ground for a whole new generation of recording artists. abc7 looks back at her career and her personal life. ♪ and i will always love you >> she was a very important figure in the history of rhythm and blues. she was a transitional figure. she was enormously popular. >> joel has been a critic for the san francisco chronicle since the early '70s. he remembers houston recording some of her greatest hits right here in the bay area.
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>> and, of course, the early hits were recorded here in marin county with her producer. >> whitney houston began recording songs at the age of 14. the daughter of cissy houston, a gospel singer, she was born to sing. he said she paved the way for many of the newest stars. >> she used to knock down the door for a whole generation of singers, beginning with mariah carey, britney spears, blah, blah, blah. >> she crossed over to films with the movie "bodyguard" and the song became a huge hit. [ i will always love you ♪ >> but as her career soared her personal life took a deep drop. her marriage to bobby brown broke up with rumors of bringing and alcoholla buys. she entered rehab and declared herself drug free in 2010. she said her fall was public and gritty. her death, he said, not surprised. >> that is shocking news, but i don't think it's surprising. and it's been a real public decline for her.
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supermarket magazine cover photographs, oh, my gosh, look at her, 85 pounds. >> san francisco icon tony bennett recorded on the same label as houston and said she will be missed. >> to have this happen is so tragic. she was just -- had the god-given gift and a magnificent singer and great artist. >> joel said whitney houston should be remembered as a remarkable r&b singer. her death is a tragic loss. >> once gone, we will learn the lesson that fame and wealth does not necessarily guarantee happiness. >> she was 48 years old. she leaves behind her only child, 17-year-old bobby christina. >> after hearing the news, some of her fans gathered outside the hotel. ♪ ♪ find your strength in love
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they lit candles and sang her songs in a makeshift vigil to pay tribute to her accomplishments in music and movies. her last performance was an impromptu appearance on stage friday night at a private grammy party hosted by kelly price at club in hollywood. the party went on into the early morning hours. celebrities all over the world are expressing their condolences over whitney houston's death. on twitter singer toni braxton said she's paved the way for every single singer in the music industry. and michael jackson's daughter, paris, said rest in peace, white houston. i've always idolized her and her amazing talent. for more on the death of whitney houston you can go to abc7 this morning investigators in san joaquin county will search for more human remains after discovering a skull and
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bones deep in a well yesterday. they may be from a victim of the so-called speed freak killers. the abandoned well is just outside stockton. remains were found yesterday afternoon 35 feet down a well on this property. the location was given to a bounty hunter who promised to pay wesley shermantine $35,000. shermantine and another man, lawrence herzog, are believed to have killed as many as 15 people in a methamphetamine-fueled spree back in the 1990s. authorities believe as many as 10 people may be buried in that well. this morning in contra costa county school officials are confident they have whatever caused a school-wide illness is under control. on thursday one quarter of the elementary school body got sick and on friday 200 students were absent. it was a gastrointestinal bug. school officials are pretty sure they know where it started.
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>> the only thing we can think of tuesday morning we had everybody in the gym for a rainy day of recess prior to school and had 200, 300 kids in there and there was a child sick when everybody was in there, so maybe that's how so many got exposed. >> yesterday a cleaning crew wiped down the entire school with bleach. teachers will also distribute fresh pencils tomorrow just to make sure. you may remember more than 300 students game ill at san francisco's school a couple weeks ago from stack flu. -- or stomach flu. >> this morning a paraglide who are crashed into the side after cliff is recovering after a dramatic rescue in daly city yesterday afternoon. it took crews 2 1/2 hours to hoist the man to safety from the side of muscle rock. fellow paragliders saw him go down around 3:00 p.m. they said winds coming from the
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north shifted and pushed their friend into the rocks. so it was about 150 feet down from where they parked their apparatus so they had to get down there, they had to put him in a stokes basket, put him in cervical spine precautions and package him up and keep his spine aligned and get him up here. >> the man was taken to a local hospital after complaining of head, back and chest pains. he is described as an experienced paraglider in his early 50s. >> well, celebrations ten to welcome in the year of the trying gone. last night tens of thousands of people lined the streets in downtown san francisco for this year's chinese new year's parade. abc7 sergio reports on the event that draws worldwide attention. >> with a flurry of fireworks, this massive parade begins its route through the city and continues its tradition of being the largest of its kind outside of asia. among those in the spirit of
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chief ray white. >> we hear reports of a dragon in the streets. do you have a concerns she's a fire breather? >> we have it covered tonight. thank you so much. >> and on this, the year of the dragon, they were everywhere. dragons for kids to pet, a truper dancing dragon and a flying dragon. this is a spectacle people from around the bay area come to soak in and it's an event people from around the world come to enjoy too. >> i'm from france, from paris. this winding collection of floats and performers is a break from her year of studies in the bay area. >> have you seen the chinese parade before? >> no, never. >> what do you think? >> i like it. >> this group is from saudi arabia. >> i like it.
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>> tens of thousands of people have turn out for this, the year of the dragon and there are dragons everywhere. it's pretty spectacular for everyone who is here to watch the parade. but also for those who are in the parade, like jared and johnson. this is the sixth time they have marched with their boyscout bugal and drum corps. >> the biggest parade of the year so we are pretty excited. >> they were among the hundreds of groups that were part of the parade. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a group of marin county homeowners is fighting george lukas kaspar over massive expansion plans. he wants to expand his skywalker ranch by ball ago 270 square foot digital media production compound on his historic farmland known as brady ranch. some fear it would simply be too large. it will be discussed during the marin county planning commission meeting on february 27th. coming up next, mitt romney gains momentum, winning the maine caucuses. we will tell you what is next for all the gop presidential
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candidates. and more fallout in the phone and e-mail hacking investigation at britain's largest-selling tabloid.
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>> this morning republican presidential candidate mitt romney is celebrating another victory. last night he won maine's republican caucus with 39% of the vote. it was a slim victory over ron paul. as abc joe torres reports, it's far from over. >> score two big wins for mitt romney. first in the unofficial nonbinding caucuses in maine. i romney eeked out a victory with 39%. three points more than second place finisher ron paul.
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>> i want to be your nominee. i want to beat president obama. i believe i can. >> and in washington, romney won the endorsement of the conservative political action conference. the former massachusetts governor got 38% where santorum was second with 31% and newt gingrich had 15% and ron paul with 1% was the only candidate who did not attend the conference. paul had 12%. former alaskan governor sarah palin wrapped up the event with a barrage of attacks on president obama. but the former candidate did not endorse any of the gop hopefuls. >> our candidate, our candidate must be someone who can instinctively turn right to constitutional conservative principles. it's too late in the game to teach it or to spin it at this point. it's either there or it isn't. >> romney says he's the best choice. >> i believe i'm the one person in this race who actually can beat the president. >> romney's victories give him
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the comebacks he needed after losing three states to santorum last weekend. ron paul invested a lot of time and money in what had become a two-man race in maine. paul will keep looking for his first win in the 2012 race. i'm joe torres, abc news. >> up next are the primaries in michigan and arizona on february 28th. five editors and reporters at britain's largest tabloid, "the sun" in london were taken into custody and arrested yesterday. this were taken into custody on suspicion of corruption and conspiracy. it's part of an e-mail phone hack investigation. the parent company, newscorps, appears to be cooperating, rocking the murdock empire. in a statement they said it gave police the information that led to the arrests. >> meteorologist lisa is here
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now talking weather. >> and we are talking about a lot of clouds this morning. some of them providing a dense fog advisory for the north bay valleys. we have problems to the north and from the sutro camera the cloudy skies will lead to more sun and some rain perhaps. what about mountain snow? yep, it's coming your way. your forecast next. >> and also next, tiger woods charges up the leaderboard at pebble beach. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports.
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> valentine's day on tuesday. will it be wet? >> the evening could be wet. a couple systems headed our way and they changed paths and turned wimpy. but a few moorheaded our way. tonight we will see another one with a winner weather advisory here for the sierra nevada. we are talking about a foot at this elevation and half a foot at lake level, so woo-hoo, right? we are looking at not a bad start in san francisco with partly cloudy skies. the fog has created a dense fog advisory from the national weather service for the north bay valleys until 9:00. so be careful here.
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it's 51 in oakland. 46 san jose. so not only is the fog a problem in our north bay valleys, but we are going to be looking at the coast this morning, as well, with the fog kind of moving around a bit. and also by the delta. keep that in mind. overall we are looking at a few holes in the overcast. so anywhere from two to eleven degrees colder this morning. we had plenty of 50s yesterday. 11 degrees colder in los gatos with 50 degrees of cooling by the delta and nine degrees cooler in redwood city. this morning we are taking a look at clouds on the increase. there is a weather system to the north and west of us that's going to plow on through here tonight through the overnight hours and bring just a little bit of rain. in fact we will see some hazy sunshine to start on out and high pressure gives way. not only is the front going to move through but the area of low pressure, the cold score of low will be receipt over us tomorrow. that will bring the schooler weather. so from 6:00 this morning to about 8:00 is when you will see
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the showers begin from the north bay, the peninsula and the east bay. you see the bulk of the activity headed on through here before midnight. and then of a midnight we will get into some cold, wraparound showers. the northwesterly winds will be blowing out behind the system. ahead of it we have the westerly winds and a little bit of a rain-snow mix tomorrow morning. it could be a little dicey out there, highway 17, do be careful. like county looking at a rain-snow mix. by 7:00 monday night santa cruz mountain, higher elevations, still a chance of showers. today we have fog and partly cloudy conditions in the sierra nevada for 44 degrees. so the winter weather advisory not going into effect until about midnight tonight. the high surf continues along southern california. so that window from midnight to about 4:00 tomorrow is when we expect to see anywhere from four to eight inches at lake level. 6 to 12 above 7,000 feet. we haven't seen that in quite some time. down around pebble beach it will
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be in the upper 50s with increasing clouds but morning and afternoon look pretty good. the fog not much of a problem there now. overall today highs will be cool, but not as cool as tomorrow. that's when we will see blistery northwesterly winds. today breezy west winds, 58 in oakland and as well as palo alto. 52 gilroy. the look ahead calls for the one system to move on through basically overnight tonight. partly cloudy and breezy tomorrow and then tuesday night, valentine's evening, another system heads our way. looks like if we can just get a little more, stronger, that's what we need. >> all right. so now do you buy your husband a valentine's present or just sit and wait for him to do something nice for you? >> well, maybe the latter. [laughter] >> maybe try the former. >> just wondering. all right. thanks, lisa. you can thank me later. coming up after our newscast at 7:00 is good morning america. bow anna is joining us live now
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from new york to you don't have to tell me what you are working on, bee anna, i know it's got to be the death of whitney houston. >> that's right, carolyn. we will be following your coverage obviously, talking about the death. mourning the woman but also celebrating her career. she was one of the greatest singers in the world. one of the most instantly recognizable voices of our time. as you have been saying, whitney houston found dead at a beverly hills hotel room at the age of 48 this morning. fans across the country of coming together to mourn houston's death and celebrate her life. we have a special edition of good morning america coming up. we will look at what caused houston's death and we will sell great britain that incredible talent, unmistakable voice and all of that coming up. there are so many unanswered questions but right now everyone is just remembering what an inspiration she was and remembering so many days when they would just weak up and less tone her music. i mean, she was a sound track of my childhood. i know so many people feel the
6:24 am
same, as well. >> what was your favorite song, there, we anna? >> you know, i would have to say i really loved "i want to dance with somebody." the greatest love of all i think was one of my all-time favorites. and 1991, that super bowl, the national anthem when she sang it then, you know, we just started the gulf war, it brought so much patriotism to the nation. and no one, no one had a better voice than she did. at her peak she was the best we ever had. >> no, yeah, singular right there. "i will always love you" was tops for me. >> and she was pregnant, remember, when they shot that video and she just looked so vibrant and happy, and what a beautiful song that was. dole part ton who wrote it even said this is whitney's song, not mine. everyone i think would agree with you. >> we will look fora at 7:00. thank for joining us. >> bye. >> bye. >> we will check out sports this
6:25 am
morning. tiger woods trying to win his first pga tournament in 2 1/2 years. he is headed to the final round four shots from the lead. he tees off at 9:29 this morning. he's paired with phil mickelson. yesterday tiger charged up the leaderboard. here's mike shumann with the highlights. >> good morning. let's tee it up on the monterey peninsula where tiger woods is making his first appearance at pebble beach in almost a decade. as usual he made his move in saturday's third round. he tore up the back nine. five birdies, including this one on 15. then on 17, tiger rolls another birdie into the bottom of the jar, closing it out in style on 18. tiger, a 5-under 6. -- 5-under 67. he's four shots off the pace. meanwhile phil mickelson two back of tiger. lefty, everyone is facing the man from cal, charlie wi looking for his first win at the pga tour. great approach on 17 at spyglass, leads to a birdie and now wi is up three heading into the final round.
6:26 am
as you see, big names behind him. ken duke is three back, then tiger at 11-under. and lefty kevin na and justin johnson round out the top five at 9-under. all right, they are calling it lin-sanity. it's insane how good jeremy lin is playing for the knicks. in minnesota last night he has his own pregame hand chicago now. great feed to tyson chandler. he was only 8 of 24 from the field but a great move here. knicks down 3 in the fourth. game tied, under 10 seconds left. lin to the rack. he gets hammered. he made one free throw to give new york the lead and the knicks go on to win it, 100-98. lin finished with 20 points, 8 assists. and 20 boards. st. clara lost twelve straight coming in thursday night. they hung tough. from downtown. he's up one late in the first.
6:27 am
the gaehls come out of the break on fire. jones turning around and hitting plus the foul. he had 25 points. gaehls win it 82 - 67. cal looking to sweep ucla for the first time in 18 seasons. flashing through the lane. part of a 7-0 run. bears up four. allen crab doing his usual damage from outside. buries the three. he had 14. cal by 6 at the break. they poor it on in the second. cobs, a pretty jumper. he had 18. bears now in sole possession of first place in the pac-12 after a 73-63 win. their 20th victory of the season. of course, we will have all your winners and losers tonight at 5:00 down at pebble beach. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> next at 6:30, the music world in mourning after the sudden-death of pop star whitney houston. and the drive to save one of san francisco's most famous landmarks. it is falling into disrepair. critics want the city to do something. d
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>> welcome back, everyone. tonight's grammy awards will include a special tribute to whitney houston, who was found dead yesterday in her beverly hills hotel room. her close friends and fans are mourning her death and celebrating her amazing career. abc's diana has the latest from l.a. this was not the ending
6:31 am
whitney houston's fans ever expected. paramedics found the 48-year-old singer unresponsive in the bathtub in her beverly hills hotel room hours before she was to attend a party thrown by her mentor, music mogul clein davis. he told the crowd the party would go on because that's what houston would have wanted. many knew houston personally and mourned her passing. >> to have this happen on this day, you know. tonight we have to really turn this into a celebration of white -- white houston's life. ♪ and i will always love you >> a pop icon whose voice sold millions of albums. her personal life was marred by a rocky marriage with brown and she battled with drugs and alcohol. last may she again checked into rehab but lately seemed to be turning her life around. she just wrapped up shooting scenes for her new film,
6:32 am
"sparkle" where she also served as producer. friday she jumped on stage to join kelly price on a recording in los angeles. those there said there was nothing to indicate the tragedy to come. >> houston will be honored tonight at the grammy's. her producers tell abc news jennifer hudson will perform a tribute to the fallen star. diana, abc news, los angeles. >> we have much more on our website. in other news, in june san francisco voters may have a chance to weigh in on the fate of one of the city's most iconic landmarks. critics say coit tower is falling into disrepair. last week they turned in signatures on a ballot to force the city to do something. >> it's one of san francisco's jewells, built back in 1933. some critics believe it's losing his sparkle, especially the depression era murals that cover the walls inside.
6:33 am
>> generally coit tower is not getting the love it needs. >> john is head of a committee called "protect coit tower" which gathered signatures for a ballot. the money would be used that is made here for elevator and rest -- restorations. last time there was a major restoration was back in 1990. >> right now very little money, less than 10% of the dollars the money raised from the coit tower comes back. we aren't saying all the money needs to be spent here, but if it's needed, why doesn't it make sense that the coit tower is the priority? >> but the city's strategy, especially in the tight budget times, is to spread resources throughout the recreation and park system. >> the money we make at the coit tower, which is one of the most important tourest attractions, along with golden gate park and candlestick park, is what keeps our neighborhood rec centers and parks operating.
6:34 am
>> the director's approach to generating revenue for his department is being met with some resistance. for example, the proposed ballot initiative calls for limiting commercial activities and private events at coit tower. >> if those events were helping keep the coit tower and murals in good shape, that would be a smarter approach. >> but the director believes it's a matter of equity. if all the money we made at coit tower stayed there, the willy wonka playground and the activities next door wouldn't have money for rec staff. >> they are planning for a one-time face-lift for the murals, which are actually under the jurisdiction of the city's art commission. today in san francisco businesses in the castro district will be taking part in the largest display of the a.i.d.s. quilt since it was originally housed on market street back in the '80s and '90s. approximately 40 panels will be on display at the old towers record store. additional panels will be displayed at various other
6:35 am
businesses throughout the castro neighborhood. the grand unveiling set for noon. the display is timed with valentine's day when so many people think back on those they loved and lost. the san francisco a.i.d.s. community hopes it will bring back attention to this important issue. those panels, the quilts, are beautiful. >> yeah. we are looking at a lot of cloud cover this morning and other dense fog advisory in our north bay valleys until 9:00. this shot from tam shows it's gorgeous out there. the sun coming up in about another 30 minutes. we will see just a little of that before the clouds take over. i'll have your forecast next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, how a rest less win the gamener the tahoe basin could lead to bear trouble this summer.
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>> welcome back, time now 6:37. thank you for joining us, waking up and watching our news. this is a live look at tahoe. they are really hurting this year. they need some snow. the real stuff, not the manmade stuff. our meteorologist lisa said they are going to get a little bit later on today. this year's weird winter weather is creating confusion for lake tahoe's bears. their natural behavior and food supply is tied to the season. so lots of warm, dry weather when it should be cold and wet is bad news for bears. in this morning's assignment 7 report, dan ashley tells us why that may be dad news for people, too. when ann takes a winter walk near lake tahoe, she does not expect to see any bears. they should be hibernating. but this year things are just out of whack. >> we had some that went to bed and then got back up when the weather warmed up. >> she runs the bear league. it's a network of 200 volunteers
6:39 am
that help people and bears share the tahoe basin peacefully. the league gave us this video of bears out and about when they should be tucked in their dense. it was one of the best-ever summers for bears. that's best as in very few confrontations with people. and she credits last year's heavy snow that created a lot of food. >> when the snow started melting and the water started to flow, the green-up occurred and it was like someone flipped a switch and the bears went back in the forest and it was the quietest season on record. >> sometimes they could get as many as 150 calls a day from people saying bears were looking for food by businesses and homes. >> last year i thought something happened to all of them. we went out and were looking for the bears base thought are they okay and indeed they were, and put weight on, their coats were gorgeous, and they totally behaved. they just prefer to eat natural forage when it's available.
6:40 am
>> if we don't get more snow soon, this summer could be rough for bears. >> there won't be any food for them in the forests and they will be knocking on our doors and trying to get into our refrigerators. >> hungry bears are smart and determined, raiding bird feeders, breaking through windows and doors and causing serious property damage. but they are not likely to hurt a person. >> people think they are dangerous. they aren't. no one has been killed by a black bear in the history of california or nevada, ever. >> but plenty of bears have been killed from people who think they are a new sense. >> for 15 years the bear league has worked to prevent that by teaching people to handle garbage properly and to bear-proof their homes. they also provide what you might call training for bears, training them away from urban areas that shoot guns that make noise but don't kill. >> don't you come back here! >> she believes you can get a bear to change its habits bush she's worry a dry winter will make it hard for them to stay
6:41 am
out of trouble. >> we consider these our animals that we are responsible for, and we appreciate, and we want them alive. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> the long spell of unseasonably warm weather could also delay mother bears giving birth, and that is dangerous for cubs because instead of coming out of their dens in the early spring, the babies come out in the summer, which is at the same time lots of tour he was and traffic show up. >> leia is here now and you said tahoe may get some snow? >> yes. a winter weather advisory in effect from midnight tonight until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we are talking maybe half a foot at lake levels. >> that would be good. >> yeah. it's been some time since we've talk about that. emeryville, we've been whining about snow snow or rain for so long. len of rain here. the dense fog advisory until
6:42 am
9:00. here looking pretty nice with partly cloudy skies from our roof camera. temperatures are in the 50s." back to the fog. visibility has been limited to less than a quarter of a mile, right here from napa, also up through santa rosa. so definitely be careful out there. it's going to be with us for quite some time. even novato hooking at some fog this morning. but in our east bay, not so bad. we do have reduced visibility at the coast. so we've had a leftover moisture from yesterday. so that fog just sitting down there right at the ground. 48 san francisco, 41 in mountain view. and it is much cooler this morning. so despite the low visibility, we've got some cold temperatures along the peninsula. colder than what we've been used to. down around the delta, it's not too bad right now with 8-maulvissible. look at the mile and a half in napa, less than a quarter file in novato and quarter mile in santa rosa.
6:43 am
in mountain view, concord and antioch, about five to seven degrees colder this morning. our satellite and radar come positive doesn't show rain yet. in fact we are looking at most of the cloud cover offshore. low clouds this morning stacked up to about 2,000 feet. some of those will thin out but high to mid-level clouds will be advancing out ahead of the front. the front will move on through this evening. start south around 6:00 tonight you can see the rain moving into the north bay, along the peninsula, and the win are going to pick up, as well. we will have breezy, westerly winds. then when we get behind this system we around done with the winds. we will see gusty northwesterly winds with cold air in place. the front pushes through around midnight in the north bay. you see still plenty of showers from the peninsula. and the snow, yep, it is finally on its way to the sierra nevada. not a huge system. a rain-snow mix, anywhere around 4,000 feet. mount hamilton, lake county.
6:44 am
you get the idea that the nature you are of this system is going to be cold. we will have some unstable air for the possibility of scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures only in the lower 50s at best. definitely a cool day tomorrow. then it looks like we will have another opportunity for rain. not a big one, but it looks like the evening, tuesday evening, once again, 6:00, 7:00, we could see some showers. in terms of the state, we are talking about a high surf in southern california with upper 40s in the southern sierra. we have some fog this morning in tahoe, but a little sun later on. 44 degrees. we are looking at the rain to move on in later on this morning to the north coast. so here is the winter weather advisory from midnight tonight until 4:00 tomorrow. with four to eight inches of snow at lake levels. six to twelve above 7,000 feet. so we are definitely looking at the first snowmaker that we've seen in quite some time.
6:45 am
it's not even a really significant one, but at least it's going to bring some fresh powder. pebble beach today with the fog. a little patchy fog in the morning. partly cloudy skies. more clouds towards the afternoon. a cool day. 58 degrees. back home today it's going to be on the cool side. upper 50s. to low 60s. this is where we should be for this time of year. breezy west winds, and the rain not coming in until about 6:00, 7:00 tonight and around the central coast we've got a few low 60s. boy, remember last thursday, we were spoiled, low to mid-07s. two opportunities for rain. one coming in tonight through periods of tomorrow morning in the higher elevations but basically a cool and blustery day on monday and another cool night. then we look at temperatures bump up a little bit by then of the work week. >> all right. very comprehensive. thank you, lisa. don't go away. 7 on your side is next.
6:46 am
>> my investigation into the popular bumbo baby seat led to a recall. now years later more children are getting hurt. i'm mike finney with an investigative update and a warning to parents.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. >> welcome back, sometime now 6:48. this is a live look from our roof cam. it's in hd. a beautiful picture there with the puffy clouds in the back. i hope it's going to be a nice day for you. we appreciate you watching the abc7 morning news. >> the government is warning about the potential dangers of the hugely popular baby chair, it's called the bumbo baby seat. it led to a recall nearly five years ago, but babies are still getting hurt. here's michael finney with what is still happening. i just turned around for a split second and i just heard a thump and there she was on the floor.
6:49 am
>> this little girl in washington state flipped out of her bumbo seat and fell from a counter top. it was little dylan lamb of santa rosa whose fall from a bumbo nearly killed her. >> by the time he finally got there, he had no pulse. they said three minutes moral be dead. >> his serious accident touched off our investigation back in 2007. following our reports the consumer products safety commission pulled bumbo's off shelves in 2007 but allowed them back on the market within weeks. there was no change in the seat, just a stronger warning. nhere it is. "never use on any elevated surface." yet, sense that recall and reshelfing, the commission said at least 45 more children in bumbos have fallen from up high. 17 suffered skull fractures. the government is now concerned enough that it has issued this new warning. >> even if you are by their side, they could have a quick movement and fall backwards or
6:50 am
to the side. >> ucsf pediatrician dr. christine demonstrates how the worse can happen. >> the child isn't necessarily restrain and they need to know the child can get out of it, that the injury can occur. >> youtube is full of home videos showing babies up high in bumbos. videos made after the recall. this one dated in 2010 shows a baby on a tabletop. this one in a kitchen sink. it's not clear if all of them have these new warnings on the box and on the chair. >> why don't they just fix it? >> this parent said labels aren't the problem. >> fix the product versus just keep warning the parents. >> and parents sometimes don't fully understand the extent of the warnings on those labels. >> john fox of california public interest research group notes there are no federal safety
6:51 am
standards for children's chairs. >> the bumbo is definitely a safe seat. we believe it's safe and should be used on the floor, not elevated surfaces. >> renee is a spokesperson for bumbo international in south africa which makes the hugely popular chair. she said bumbos are safe if used properly. >> it's great. very handy. >> many parents love bumbos because they let babies sit upright and interact with the world. >> it was nice to be able to read to her. >> get rid of them. don't use them. don't use those bumbos. it's too dangerous, too risky. >> others, like anna lynn stuart, said there's no way to use it safely. she was spoon-feeding her baby back in 2007 when the child suddenly flipped out, luckily escaped harm. >> any incidents kids getting hurt is a great concern for us and that's why we are working to educate parents.
6:52 am
>> bumbo international claims most of the new accidents happen in bumbo chairs without the new warnings. the consumer products safety commission says it can't confirm that, and the agency stands by a firm warning, serious accidents are possible. now if you have an opinion about the bumbo chair or any consumer problem, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, a musical theatre company that's all about diversity and opportunity. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez shows us some talented young people in the san francisco art education project.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are the winning numbers if last night's super lotto plus. the meganumber 27.
6:55 am
no one got all section numbers right. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $12 million. a group of young performers are headed back to the old west in the musical "destiny rides again." opening night was last night. abc7 arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez caught a rehearsal. ♪ welcome to bottleneck, a rough old west town in the 1959 musical. "destiny rides again." performed by talented young people in the san francisco art and entertainment project, a musical theatre product that's all about diversity and opportunity. >> it really does bring them to the theatre in a way that most of them would never have come. >> it becomes a path of discovery. change, responsibility. >> they consider this their other family. >> i really want the show to do very well so i have to do my
6:56 am
110% best every day. >> it's about community and that's the sense you get here, relying on each other and developing self-confidence and focus. >> i think it really teaches at a very high level. it brings kids together different age groups and different backgrounds and different schools together. so i think the whole community aspect of it is really -- it's a great experience for all the kids. ♪ it brings music and dance performance to schools year around. there is a summer program. 47 students are selected based on talent and commitment. it becomes a life-change experiencing.
6:57 am
>> gives you discipline. you are learning new combinations and learn how to stay focused. >> their teachers and their families say this kind of work really focuses them for everything. they are more attentive at school, they are more disciplined at home. >> performances for three weekends will help finance the art ed to bring opportunity for future generations. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> now is a good time to remind you that the academy awards are coming up. oscar sunday is february 26 right here on abc7. now just two weeks away. you can predict the winners and get the latest buzz right now at you can also download the exclusive oscar app for iphones and ipads. it will give you live video from the red carpet and from backstage on oscar sunday. >> so i'm trying to see as many movies as i can, but the weather is always nice so it makes it hard to stay indoors. >> have you noticed us getting cooler and bringing the clouds in? >> yeah. >> a little rain here and there. we have dense fog this morning until -- that says wednesday but
6:58 am
until 9:00 this morning. oops. mostly cloudy skies. mostly the breezy winds along the coast. the rain comes in tonight, 7:00, 8:00. it ends tomorrow but it will be a cool and breezy day tomorrow. >> all right. thank you, lisa, and thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler. along with lisa, you can keep track of the latest-breaking news on twitter at abc7 news bay area and talk about it at good morning america is up next! [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. cranberry juice? wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition.
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